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5 Best Privacy Screens for Small Balconies: All You Need To Know

Small balconies can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it's great to have a nice outdoor space that you can enjoy with friends and family on balmy summer evenings. But on the other hand, your small balcony is likely not very private. That's because most decks don't have any way to block people from looking into your space. And for those who like to sunbathe in privacy, there are no options for covering up your space either. If you're considering adding some privacy screens to your small balcony, here are some options that you should consider.

Types of privacy screens

There are different types of privacy screens you can use to cover up your space.

Privacy panels

You can purchase privacy panels that attach to the railing on your balcony. They'll help block some of the view into your small balcony, but won't work well if you want to sunbathe in private.

Trellis curtains

For those who need a little more coverage, you can try adding trellis curtains. These curtains don't attach to anything and will fall over the railing, providing some privacy for people below. They're also great for blocking wind and flying insects from getting into your small balcony; they'll also help keep leaves out of your space.

Roll-down shades

If you really want to block someone's view of your space, then roll-down shades might be the best option for you. These shades hang from hooks that are hooked over the railing posts and hold them down tight with a cord lock system. This is one of the more aesthetically pleasing options for providing privacy because it looks similar to a regular window shade.

Considerations when choosing a privacy screen

Choosing a privacy screen for your small balcony is not as simple as walking into the nearest hardware store and picking one out. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right screen, including size, material type, and light transmission.


Privacy screens come in a variety of sizes, so you will need to measure your space before purchasing a screen. Larger screens will be more economical than smaller screens since they require less material.

Material Type

If you want to prevent people from looking in at all times, you might want the privacy screen to be made of frosted vinyl or acrylic panels. If you like having some visibility at certain times, but still want privacy most of the time, choose an opaque panel with a see-through bottom section that can be covered up with blinds or curtains.

Light Transmission

Would you prefer a dark room or do you need your home to have plenty of natural light? This is important when choosing between an opaque and translucent panel. Translucent panels allow more light through; however, people can still see inside during the day and evening hours (especially if your balcony faces east). Opaque panels block out all outside views--except for round perforations on the top which let in natural light and create ventilation inside your space.

The 5 Best Small Balcony Privacy Screens

1. "DearHouse" Small Balcony Privacy Screen Cover, 3.5ft x16.5ft

DearHouse's Balcony Privacy Screen Cover is the perfect way to create your own private space. Block off 95% of visibility with this black mesh cover, and enjoy a sense of solitude wherever you are. The Privacy Cover is made from water resistant, durable mesh material and comes with 35 pieces of black zip ties for easy installation. DearHouse's Privacy Screen Cover can be used as a shading net in the summer, or as a privacy screen in the winter!

Check it out using Amazon link ->

2. "LoveStory" Charcoal Small Balcony Screen Privacy Fence Cover UV Protection Weather-Resistant 3 FT Height

This product is perfect for blocking out unwanted views on a small balcony. It's made of 100% HDPE material, so there are no recycled materials used in this privacy screen. The screen also has commercial solid fabric that can achieve up to 90% blockage to meet your needs. It measures 3' tall x 10' long and is suitable for 3' tall chain link fence, with an anti-oxidation treatment to increase the service life of your fence screen.

3. "DearHouse" Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen for Small Balcony with Vine Leaf Decoration

This Ivy leaf privacy screen is the perfect way to decorate your home while ensuring privacy from the outside world. It can be used as a wall decoration, fence screen or privacy screen and is intended for both interior and exterior use. Our realistic green ivy leaves are natural looking and will provide every indoor or outdoor space with a blooming, earthy feel without the need for watering.

The densely packed leaves of our privacy fence provide a blockage from harsh sunlight while also allowing air flow through the open net back. The mesh backing provides added windscreen protection to its users. Durable, fresh looking plastic and polyester leaves keep their evergreen look year-round and are easy to clean and maintain.

4. "HilarityMax" Balcony Privacy Screen, 3.5’ x 16.5' with 95% Reduced Visibility, Breathable UV Protection

HilarityMax Balcony Privacy Screen is a simple, yet effective way to create a more private space for your outdoor living area. The privacy screen is made from durable and lightweight aluminum that’s finished in a dark bronze color that matches most patio furniture, and the slats are spaced just far enough apart to let air flow through freely. HilarityMax Balcony Privacy Screen can be installed by yourself in less than 20 minutes with just a screwdriver and drill.

The privacy screen blocks eyes and UV rays, while still allowing cool breathability and comfort when you're relaxing outdoors.

5. "SunLax"Sand Small Balcony Privacy Screen, Railing Shield 90%

This balcony privacy screen is made from 180g new high density HDPE material. Visibility Block Up to 90% provides effective protection for your privacy, meanwhile lower temperature and wind, water, dusty resistance function. It's easy to install on railing by using these cable ties. Multiple usabilities: For the privacy protection of apartment balcony veranda and terrace; For the sun blockage of Rooftop; For the screening and the separation of seats in the garden and gallery; For windscreen and weather-resistant.


Privacy screens are a versatile and attractive way to protect your balcony. A privacy screen will not only provide privacy, but also help you create a comfortable outdoor space that doesn’t need to be closed off to the outside world.

The best privacy screens for small balconies will depend on your particular needs: do you want an opaque screen that blocks sight from the outside? A semi-opaque screen that blocks light and people from seeing inside but still allows air to pass through? Or a wire mesh screen that doesn’t block sight or light but provides a feeling of enclosure?

No matter what your preference, there is a privacy screen for you.

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