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Are Your Cats Safe on Your Tiny Balcony? (and What to Do)

Are Your Cats Safe on Your Tiny Balcony?

If you’re a cat owner, you know the feeling of letting your cats outside to explore the world. It’s a beautiful feeling and it’s something that most cat owners love to do. However, there are dangers to leaving your cats on a tiny balcony. Here are some ways that could keep both you and your cats safe.

What can happen if your cat falls from the balcony

If you're letting your cats out on a balcony, you should always make sure that the opening to the balcony is closed. This means that even if your cat manages to slip by you and goes onto the balcony, it won't be able to slip through the opening. If your cat falls from the balcony, they could sustain serious injuries like broken bones or cuts. Plus, they might not be able to get back up on their own!

How to keep your cats safe on a tiny balcony

The first way to keep your cats safe on a tiny balcony is to find a place where they can't fall. Cats are known for being excellent climbers, so it's essential that you make sure they can't jump onto the sides or up onto the roof.

Eliminate anything that could be harmful to your cats. If there are plants or flowers near the side of the house, make sure they're watered regularly and kept trimmed so that your cat doesn't run into any toxic plants. The same goes for any leaves or other debris that might be in their way.

If you have predators in your yard, it may be safest if you bring your cat inside during those times when their risk is high. Predators include dogs and opossums, which might feed on your cat if they see them outside alone!

Lastly, don't force them to stay out too long. You should try to let them explore outside for around five minutes at a time before bringing them back in again. This will help prevent any potential dangers from occurring and keep their interest-piqued for just a little longer!


When you have a small balcony, it can be a challenge to find any space for your cat to explore. But with a few simple adjustments, you can make your balcony safe for your little feline friends.

By adding a cat door to your balcony, you’ll be able to safely keep your cat inside. But if you have any other pets or small children, it’s important to keep them away from the door to keep them safe.

To make sure your cats are safe on the balcony, it’s important to make sure they have access to a tall perch and a view of the outside world. To do this, you can either add some perches or attach some screens to the railing.

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