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What is an Indoor Balcony called? The different Names of Indoor Balconies

It's an unforgettable experience to be on a balcony. You can see the whole city, breathe fresh air and feel free. Balconies are not only reserved for residential buildings, though. They can also be found in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and even schools! This is why it's important to know what they are called so that you don't get confused when you check into a hotel or try to buy food downstairs at your favorite restaurant!

Check out this article for all the different names of an indoor balcony.

Introduction: What is an Indoor Balcony called?

There are many different names for a balcony and you may not know what they mean. Well, don't worry! This article will help you understand the meanings of all these words. You'll also find out how to pronounce them as well. Whether it's called a mezzanine, atrium, penthouse or loggia, there is something for everyone! To start off, we will define the meaning of these words:

1. mezzanine- a low storey in a building above ground level

2. atrium - a roofless court with a skylight surmounted by one or more high arches

3. penthouse - an upper story of an apartment building with living quarters

4. loggia - a roofed open gallery around the outside of a building or on one side

What is a Balcony?

The word "balcony" is derived from the French word "balcon."

Balconies are a type of exterior structure that are usually found on the second or third storey.

They're typically at ground level, and you can usually find them along a building's facade.

Balconies are very common in residential buildings, but they can also be found in commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants or schools.

The different types of balconies

An indoor balcony is an extension of the building's floor. Just like a terrace, it provides an area where people can go outside and enjoy the view and fresh air. There are many different types of balconies, but here are some of the most common:

A storefront balcony is a type of balcony that is found on the ground floor of a building. It's usually used to provide an attractive storefront or entrance to customers or guests.

A second-level balcony is any type of balcony that is found above street level and below the roofline. They're often used as fire escapes in case there's a fire in the building.

A roof balcony is found on top of buildings at roof level (either on top of every floor or just one). They're usually reserved for high-end apartments and hotel rooms with amazing views!

A sky balcony is usually located on the top floors (usually above 20 stories) and offers 360 degree views from inside the building. These are excellent options for people who want to see all angles from their home!

5 Different Names of an Indoor Balcony

Here are the 5 ways you can call and Indoor Balcony:

This is a type of balcony that connects two rooms and is always found on the second story of a building.

A mezzanine is an area with a balcony (or several) that's built into the floor plan of a building. It's often used as a storage or office space.

A loggia can be found outdoors or indoors and typically consists of an open area with columns in front. It can be used to provide shelter from rain or sun, like at a shopping mall entrance, but sometimes they are just for decoration.

This type of balcony is usually found outside and provides protection from rain and sun. You might find one on the porch or deck of your house.

You'll find this type of balcony inside residences, usually in kitchens or living rooms, and it offers additional space to see out while still being close to home!


A balcony is a type of structure that is attached to and projects from the outer wall of a building. The word 'balcony' is derived from the French word 'balcon,' meaning 'a projection from the wall of a building.'

The best type of balcony for your home is one that will give you the best view and will work with the architecture of your home. Some balconies are created for living on, for example, a family may have a balcony where their children can play and feel safe. Other balconies are created for decorative purposes, such as a balcony in an office building. Depending on the name of an indoor balcony you want, you will need to consider what you need it for before deciding on the best type for you.

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